8 Termite Prevention Measures for Wooden Structures in Your Yard

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Are you thinking of adding a wooden structure to your yard, such as a deck or fence? Then you'll need to take steps to ensure that termites don't attack your new additions.

Here are some tips to keep termites away from new wooden structures in your yard.

1. Keep wooden structures away from your home

Wooden structures that touch your home, like decks or fences, may serve to allow termites to access your home in the future. So leave a gap between new wooden structures that you add to your yard.

2. Use pressure-treated wood for outdoor structures

Use pressure-treated wood for new wooden structures since termites tend to avoid infesting wood that contains chemicals.

3. Separate wood from soil

The worst termite predators are subterranean termites, which attack from the soil. Keep wooden structures from contacting soil by using concrete or gravel to separate the two.

4. Use downspout extenders to direct rainwater away from structures

If your downspouts are in close vicinity to any new wooden structures in your yard, use downspout extenders. This will help to direct rainwater away from the soil near wooden structures.

5. Use termite bait stations to protect wooden structures

You can give yourself advance warning of incoming termites by placing termite baiting stations around new wooden structures. Termite baiting stations can also draw the attention of termites away from wooden structures and even eradicate termite colonies in time. Hire a pest control service to place and check your termite baiting stations.

6. Protect wooden structures with plants that repel termites

Some plants, such as garlic, mint, and hot chili peppers act as termite repellents. Plant these in strategic spots around your yard to protect fences, decks, and pergolas etc.

7. Treat the wooden structure as well as the soil near it

If you want to really up your termite protection, treat both the soil and your wooden structures with termiticides. Non-repellent termiticide works best in soil. But make sure you dig a trench along or around wooden structures before treating the soil since termites travel deep underground. This might be a job best left to a pest control company if you lack experience or time.

8. Eliminate shade around wooden structures

Where there is shade, there is moisture. Moisture promotes wood rot and gives termites favorable conditions. Try to keep the area near wooden structures as shade-free as you possibly can to stop moisture buildup.

For more information, contact a termite inspection service near you.