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The immediate reaction when you see a pest in your home or work area is to reach out for the pesticide and spray. Pesticides are the most popular solution for pest control. Pesticides are made of harmful chemicals to humans. They cause health problems like respiratory issues, reproductive problems, and poisoning. Half of the patients suffering from pesticide poisoning are children below the age of six years. This alone is a reason enough to explore other pesticide control options.


Bugs notice piled up dirt faster than human beings. Keeping a clean house will go a long way to reduce the bugs that come into the house. Empty the dustbin regularly to ensure there are no leftovers for bugs to feed on. Keep any edibles in a closed container. Clean out any piled newspapers, school books, cardboard, and clothes. Clean the outside of your house regularly too. You need to repair any broken sewages, prune your trees and fence and mow the lawn. Remove or organise things dumped in the backyard, shed or the garage.

Seal all the holes

Bugs are notorious for finding small holes to crawl through into your home. Seal any broken windows or door screens. For door screens made with wire mesh, install a mesh with the smallest mesh. Holes that are more than a 1/4 inch big should be sealed with cement or steel wool. Bugs can chew through plastic, wood, vinyl, and rubber. Seal holes in the bathrooms and kitchen with silicon caulk.

Go slow on the pesticides

This sounds a bit controversial but pesticides can trigger the defense mechanism of the bugs. Bugs like ants can split and form more colonies then multiply faster. This increases the bug problem rather than eliminate it. In addition, most pesticides only eliminate bugs at their adult stage. The larvae and eggs may not be affected by the pesticide. The problem then becomes recurring once the bugs reach the adult stage. Pesticides can be coupled with good house cleaning for more effective results.

Call an exterminator

Find exterminators who use pesticides that are less harmful to humans. In addition, find a company that checks that the pesticide effects are neutralised when the process is done. You do not want to go into your home with your kids and breath in toxins.

Bugs are a nuisance but pest control should be done with caution. Preventing bugs from entering your home in the first place is the first and most important pest control method.