3 Mistakes That Affect Your Cockroach Eradication Efforts

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Apart from posing a health risk to inhabitants in your house, the presence of cockroaches is also very embarrassing. Once you see several cockroaches running around the house, it is time to start your eradication efforts. However, unless you are careful, several mistakes can lead to a negative outcome. Below are several mistakes that can affect your cockroach eradication efforts.

Finding loose fittings in the house

You might have taken time to spray your house in a bid to kill all the cockroaches in your house, but you still see them after a few days. When this happens, you should take time to check all the fittings in your house. If the fittings were loosely done, they leave some space where the cockroaches can hide. They can, therefore, multiply and invade your home despite your efforts. Some of the areas that you should assess for loose fittings include the kitchen cupboards, the wardrobes in the bedroom and the fixtures in the bathrooms. In case you detect any loose fitting, call a carpenter to rectify the area and also to put a sealant on the edges to prevent entry of small pests.

Focusing only on one area of the house

The most common areas around the house where cockroaches are found include the kitchen and the food stores. Another mistake is focusing only on the kitchen when they are spraying for pests. You should realise that cockroaches can be found in all the rooms of your house. They are only visible in the kitchen because of the food remnants that can be found in these areas. Once you have sprayed the pesticide in the kitchen, you should look to other rooms even if there are no visible signs of cockroaches in them.

Failing to carry out follow up checks

You should realise that it is impossible to eradicate cockroaches with only one attempt. They might disappear for a few days, but they will definitely come back. Many people will make the mistake of spraying only once and then sitting back. You will be shocked when you walk into your kitchen in the evening to find cockroaches scampering about. Once you have sprayed the house, it is necessary to repeat the process over a few weeks. This ensures that any cockroach that tries to resurface is killed.

In case the problem persists, seek the services of a pest control professional who will assess your house and develop the most appropriate extermination plan.