Services Offered Under Commercial Pest Control

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When you own a business establishment, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything functions as well as possible according to local regulations. Managing a business also means taking care of the pests which may come along due to the day-to-day activities of the establishment. However, you may be too occupied with your business to notice the pests in the backgrounds. This might be quite dangerous especially when your business is subdued to surface level inspection. To avoid this, it is important to consider hiring a commercial pest control expert. Some of the services offered under the commercial pest control assistance are outlined below.

Rodent Control

The presence of rodents in your establishment, especially restaurants, can be a determinant to the loss of clients. Both mice and rats can be a real threat to the businesses reputation. However, the pest control services can adequately take care of the rodent problem to ensure that you have sufficient protection for the foreseeable future. The service employs a variety of baits and traps used to capture the rodents. They also analyse the premises and advise on how to correct the conditions which attract the pests. These include securing the trash dumpsters and receptacles against entry. The commercial pest services will also cover the vents, protect exterior doors and close the existing gaps between the walls and roofing surfaces to ensure the rodents are completely locked out.

Termite Treatment

In spite of their size, termites can be quite devastating to your property. Not only will they threaten your reputation, but also weaken the structure of your property. Termites are known to eat away wood surfaces, and if not well managed, they will destroy your floors, walls and might collapse your entire structure. The commercial pest control services have the capability of fully taking care of the drywood and subterranean termite species. They have the tools and equipment to target the termites in hard to reach areas such as behind asphalt and concrete.

One of the solutions offered by the pest control services is the liquid treatment option where a treatment zone is created at the entry levels. Once a single termite is exposed, it spreads the treatment to the entire colony which results in a complete close-down of the infestation. They also offer fumigation services which involve dispersing a controlled fumigant within the whole establishment. This has the capability of penetrating furniture, timber and even hard to access walls. With such services, your enterprise will be back to business in no time.

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