Pest Management is Crucial to Prevent Pest-Borne Diseases

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When some homeowners consider pest control, it is mainly to eliminate the creepy crawlies from their home. Although these critters can make your home uncomfortable, they also pose a serious risk to your health. There is an array of pests that leave toxins in their wake as they wreak havoc in your home and it would be crucial to have them annihilated before you have an infestation on your hands. The following are just a few of the pests that should have you hiring pest management services to prevent pest-borne diseases in your household.


Some people may underestimate the presence of mice in their home, as these tend to be one of the less scary looking pests that you could have. But do not be fooled by their appearance. Mice are excellent foragers, and they will prowl every inch of your residence in search of items that they can eat. In the process of foraging for food, they inadvertently end up contaminating every surface that they come into contact with.

One fact about mice that people may not be aware of is how they have a propensity of dribbling urine wherever they go. Their urine is toxic as it contains harmful bacteria such as salmonella. If you are to ingest food that has been contaminated with this urine, you are likely to need medical attention. Moreover, as the urine dries up quite fast, it tends to go undetected by the naked eye.


Another critter that should have you enlisting pest management services as soon as you can is cockroaches. These insects tend to build their nests in sewers. As they make their way into your home through your drainage, they carry with them bacteria, pathogens and parasites. Over time, as the cockroaches start to breed in our residence and scuttle about looking for food, they spread the pathogens that they brought with them.

It should also be noted that since cockroaches tend to congregate in the kitchen, there is a high likelihood of contamination of surfaces that are used to prepare and store food, which increases the chances of you and your loved ones falling ill. Decaying bodies of the roaches plus their droppings will also be strewn all over your home. As this debris dries up, it disintegrates and forms a fine dust that can easily be inhaled, which in turn leads to respiratory problems depending on how severe your infestation is.