How to keep possums out of your home

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While the threat of possums and other rodents may not seem like a pressing one, living near bushland means you should expect a few surprises every so often. Not only can possums get into your trash and possibly agitate any pets you may have, but they can also cause property damage and spread diseases. Luckily, there are a few ways you can prevent possums or similar rodents from getting onto your property in the first place as well as remove them if they make it that far. Being prepared for the unexpected is always a big advantage. 

How do you turn your home into a 'no possum' zone?

Possums, like other rodents, can make their way into people's backyards out of curiosity or as part of their search for food. Making a few simple modifications will ensure your home is less of a target for these hungry animals. To begin, start by clearing up any leftover food and waste you may be leaving around inside or outside of the home. This removes any incentive for them to wander onto your property and discourages them from sticking around if they do find a way in.

Secondly, try to keep the backyard visible and clear from as much unnecessary shrubbery and low hanging tree branches as possible. Dense foliage gives possums a place to hide and overhanging branches offer an easy point of access over the top of your fence. On that note, be sure to also inspect your property for any hidden passages and holes that they could use. You'd be surprised how small of an entryway they can squeeze through. If you find some, patch them up using grating or whatever material fits. 

Finally, a simple alarm system, be it a vigilant dog or an automatic motion sensor lighting rig, can also act as a deterrent. That applies for would-be burglars as much as large furry rodents.

What should you do if they get in?

There are two courses of action you can take if a possum decides to call your property home. If you feel comfortable with it, you can consider purchasing and setting up a cage trap for the intruder. You should note, however, that many areas do not allow for traps that can kill the animal. Luckily, there are plenty of legal traps that aren't lethal. 

If you'd rather a professional handle the matter, it's worth comparing quotes and services from a range of pest control companies. In consultation, they'll be able to explain how they'll tailor a solution to your particular situation. While it's not free, you'll be able to rest easy knowing the possum will be professionally removed without having it harmed.