Tips On Keeping Your Home A Spider-Free Zone!

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Although the majority of spiders that you might find in your home are harmless to people and pets, they're not always welcome house guests, especially if you suffer from arachnophobia.  As the autumn months arrive and the temperature drops, some species of spiders begin to come inside, seeking warmth and shelter.

Here are some top tips on how to stop spiders from invading your home.


Spiders tend to build nests amongst clutter.  So if you have piles of old boxes in your cellar, stacks of 'stuff' under your bed, and dozens of bottles under your sink that are seldom used, you're effectively creating spider heaven!

Clear out the clutter and most of the spiders will disappear with it.

Deep cleaning regularly

If you have dark spaces in your home that lay undisturbed for weeks or months at a time, they can make a perfect place for a spider to nest.  Be sure to vacuum behind and underneath your furniture, around light fittings, and over the back of curtains to keep spiders on the move and unable to settle.

Make entry difficult

Doors and windows that don't seal properly make it easy for spiders to gain entry, as well as making your home draughty and allowing precious heat to escape.  On a similar note, if you don't use your fireplace, it's a good idea to close the flue, preventing spiders from using it as an entry point and keeping heat in too.

If you have piles of firewood right outside your home, move it further away.  You should also prune back any shrubs that grow near to your windows. 


Although you can buy chemical sprays to get rid of spiders, natural methods work just as well.  Try mixing half a cup of white vinegar, a dozen drops of peppermint oil and enough water to make a mild solution.  Place the mixture into a spray bottle and dispense it around your home in areas where spiders are often found, including around potential entry points.

In the case of a serious infestation or if you discover any of the species of Aussie spiders that are venomous, don't try to tackle the job yourself.  Instead, call your local pest control company.  They will come out to your home and deal with the eight legged menaces for you.

In conclusion

There are steps that you can take to keep spiders out of your home as outlined above.  However, if you are concerned that some of the spiders may be venomous or if numbers are reaching infestation proportions, contact your local pest control service for help.