Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your 'Outdoor' Business (And Customers)

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If you're running a business, whether a coffee shop, a restaurant with outdoor seating or even a retail or commercial store, mosquitoes can be a pesky pest -- and they can irritate and drive away your paying customers. While we often assume there's not much we can do about mozzies down under (particularly in those humid regions), there are ways you can prevent and keep them away from your business and clientele.  

1. Remove watery breeding areas

One of the first steps in dealing with mozzies is to eliminate any potential breeding areas. Most mozzie species lay their eggs in water, which can lead to an outbreak of mozzies in the immediate area.

So, set about removing any standing or stagnant water in and around your premises. You should check any water in nearby ditches and also check for blocked gutters in your roof or blocked gutters/drains outside your building.

2. Invest in preventative blinds

When it comes to protecting the outdoor areas of your business (e.g. deck, beer garden), clear PVC blinds can be a blessing. Mosquitoes can travel long distances from their breeding ground (around a couple of kilometres), so these can be great solutions if there's no stagnant water in and around your area or suburb that you can't do much about (e.g. a swamp, creek).

PVC blinds will help keep mozzies and other bugs out, and since they're transparent, they'll still allow your customers to enjoy their outdoor surroundings and views.

When the mozzie season is over, they can also be retracted or removed, or you can choose to keep them in use to help manage things like cold air and wind.

If you're experiencing a mozzie problem indoors, consider installing screens in your windows and doors to stop them from getting inside. You can find various insect screens on the market that can also provide that extra bit of security for your premises.

3. Call in the pest controllers

Pest control services can work wonders if your mosquito problem just isn't going away. They can use human, animal and eco-friendly pesticides to treat your mosquito issue, and they can also provide additional advice on what else you can do to manage the problem and prevent future break-outs.

If you have other insect concerns, getting a full inspection done can also be ideal, and you'll usually find that a pest controller can treat multiple issues for you with not too much fuss.

4. Try an electrical solution

Around the home, you might have once used bug zappers to get rid of mozzies. Today, commercially-targeted mosquito killers can also be found on the market, and they can be great since they're made especially for businesses. Most will comply with commercial or retail health and safety requirements, and they can be subtle and minimally obstructive once installed.