Termite Control | 4 Preemptive Strategies To Prevent A Termite Invasion In Your Home

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Termites are communal insects that work together to form nests in wood or soil and often cause irreparable damage to several wooden furniture structures in your home if left undetected or ignored. While most homes in Australia are at risk of termite damage, there's no reason to lose hope. Finding ways to prevent them from getting into your home is just as important as termite control. Follow these preemptive strategies to prevent a termite invasion in your home.

Remove Timber Stored Against Your Home

If there are any timber panels, cellulose materials and debris stores against the outdoor walls or even under certain areas of your house, be sure to remove them immediately. Timber or dead leaf debris storage under or against the walls of your home will provide a nesting spot and food source opportunity for these termites. These timber panels and debris can also hide indications of a termite invasion in your home, so make sure you remove them from your house vicinity.

Work With Only Termite-Treated Timber

Part of your termite control effort is judiciousness, so make sure you track the type of timber you use for various applications in your home. For example, if you're planning to build timber retaining walls, trellises or garden beds around your home, make sure you use only termite-treated timber. Avoid using untreated timber because this is sure to attract termites around your property, which could end up destroying several structures in and around your home.

Avoid Letting Anything Grow Against Your Home Structure

Avoid letting bushes or climbing plants grow against your home structure because they provide termites with the opportunity to enter your home without being detected. When the roots of plants penetrate towards your property foundation, termites can sneakily easily pass through them without your knowledge. This will not only destroy areas inside your home, but it could also weaken your home's foundation. Keep in mind that dead stumps and trees provide a nesting haven for termites. Make sure that any dead vegetation around your home is removed immediately.

Fix Leaking Pipes And Taps Immediately

You should know that moisture-laden spaces provide a good breeding ground for termites, especially the pipes hidden inside walls or under sinks. If you have any leaks in your home, be sure to fix them immediately because moisture attracts termites to your property.  Similarly, all air conditioning pipe and hot water outlets should be directed far away from the side of your house walls to prevent moisture from attracting termites towards them.

Taking these preemptive measures will help you prevent a termite invasion in your home. If you notice even the slightest signs of these pests, be sure to call a professional termite control service immediately to tackle the problem.