How to Get Rid of Wasp Nests

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Wasps are one of the scariest insects that one can find in his or her home. Their sting is very painful and that sting can be life threatening in case one is allergic to it. There are steps that you can take to rid your home of these nests. This article discusses some of those steps.

Use Fuel

Wasps can build their nests under the ground in your yard or garden. Use fuel like diesel or paraffin to kill the wasps if you are digging around and you discover a wasp nest in the ground. Pour the fuel down the entrance of the hole in which the wasp nests are. After pouring the fuel in the hole, use a wet cloth to keep the hole entrance covered. The fumes from the fuel will circulate in the hole and kill all the wasps since they will be unable to escape from the hole you have covered.

Use Fire

Some wasps may build their nests in a tree in your yard or garden. For such wasps, a small fire may be sufficient to kill them. Light that fire under the tree where you have seen the nests. The smoke from the fire will quickly kill the wasps or drive them off your property. Check the nest site after a few days to confirm that the wasps did not return after you drove them out.

Use a Commercial Insecticide

You need a different method to deal with wasps that have nested in your home. This is because it is very risky to light a fire inside the home and it is dangerous to pour fuel on the nests inside the home. The best way to deal with indoor wasps is to buy a can of insecticides and spray the wasps. Use an insecticide that is specifically made to kill wasps since it will be very effective. Remember to buy a projectile spray so that you can spray the insecticide jet from a distance before running out of the room just in case the wasps come after you.

Use Homemade Remedies

You can mix a liquid detergent in some water and then pour this mixture on the nest. The wings of the wasp will become wet and sticky, killing the wasps. You can also spray bleach on the nest. The active agents in the bleach will kill the wasps.

Remember to wear protective equipment like gloves and goggles when tackling a wasp nest. Never get very close to the nest because the wasps may attack you. If you are scared by the prospect of taking on these pests, contact a pest control professional for assistance.