3 Commercial Pest Control Management Services

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Pest control management is an important part of a commercial enterprise, whether you own a supermarket, office, warehouse and especially a food service business. Local council laws require annual pest inspections that can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars if your business is found to be in violation of the existing regulations. To help you ensure a good inspection result, here are the commercial services offered by a pest control company.

Full Inspection

Pest control companies will first conduct a thorough inspection of your premises and property to meet your specific needs. For example, sanitation requirements for a restaurant are more stringent than for a factory, therefore, the pest control technician will know to focus more on areas that could draw pests, such as counters, cabinets and wet areas that are hospitable to insects.

The inspection will also take into account the structure and location of your building, the weather, the type of soil present at your business and the condition of your foundation, which is a big entry point for pests such as termites and rodents. The inspection will also determine if your business has adequate weatherstripping, which can seal off entry points such as doors and windows.

Customised Pest Control Program

A pest control program is then based on the inspection to rid your premises of pests, and to ensure that access points are properly closed off from intrusion. If you have a pest problem, the pest control technician will develop a treatment method to eradicate those pests. For example, a persistent ant problem may require high-level baits as well as a eliminating wet spots, sealing all sugar-based food and drink and applying chemical pesticides depending on the severity of the problem. If you don't have a pest problem, the technician may still recommend that you place barriers around the perimeter of your business to ensure no future invasions.

Monitoring Program 

Pests are an ongoing and active problem, which means that even if you receive a clean bill, it doesn't guarantee that you won't have a problem in a few months.

That's why a commercial pest control management system includes a monitoring program, in which the pest control technician will perform frequent inspections to either check on the efficacy of a treatment method, or to determine if there are signs that pests have invaded your previously clean premises. The monitoring program includes an analysis of the pest activity since the last inspection, and may result in new recommendations.